Well I came across a really nice site from R.M.Klever which contains a few well designed Delphi components one of those which are quite new is his Aerotabs component.

Great work! Almost the one and only I have ever found which works absolute correctly on glass for now.



From the authors site:

I wanted to try to get my rkSmartTabs to work with aero in Vista/Win7 and this is the result.

The result is good, not perfect, but it works and shows how it can be done. Gdi+ is used to render the tabs so

you will need it.

When using it with aero/glass remember to set background color to clBlack or you will get strange results.

Hope you find it usefull. I will post more info later and maybe add a simple demo, but if you got rkSmartTabs up and running you will get this one up and running too.

R.M.Klever AeroTabs Component
R.M.Klever AeroTabs Component








download from: R.M.Klever